May 1, 2012

april photoaday recap

Hello May! One quarter of 2012 has already passed and I know have 121 days documents in instagram photos.

Here's my month of April, according to the prompts from this lovely lady.

april photoaday collage

1-my reflection 2-colour 3-mail 4-someone who makes me happy 5-tiny 6-lunch 7-shadow 8-inside my wallet Easter 9-younger me 10-cold 11-where i ate breakfast 12-stairs 13-something i found 14-how i feel today 15-sunset 16-flower 17-something i don't like 18-hair 19-orange 20-something i drew 21-bottle noodle 22-the last thing i bought 23-vegetable 24-something i'm grateful for 25-looking down 26-black/white 27-somewhere i went 28-1pm 29-circle 30-something that makes me sad

For larger images and explanations, check out my flickr 2012 PhotoADay set. And click on the months to see January, February or March collages.

Whew. Time to start a new month, folks and as always, I'm @recipeforcrazy on instagram. Here's a link to May's prompts.


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