May 30, 2012

Two Months


Two months, little sister. That's how long you've been around. And while it seems like time has flown by it's already impossible to imagine our world without you.

You have been such a blessing to our little family. You have the most laid back, content attitude and rarely make a fuss - unless it's past food time.


You seem to be very happy here with us by the way you smile, yes, you've been giving us big grins for a couple of weeks now.


You have the sweetest little voice and talk the most when sister P is napping or down for the night. I totally get it, it's hard to get a word in with that one these days.

You are still deciding on how you feel about that sister of yours but let me assure you, she's a great little lady. She doesn't try to mommy you - yet. She seems more ready for you to be older so you can play with her.


But honestly, your lack of ability to play hasn't stopped her from sharing!


She's really good about sharing things with you.


One thing is for sure, I'm your favorite right now.

photo by Jeremy Charles

It's as it should be. I can calm you like none other and you give me the biggest smiles and sweetest coos.

Daddy is a close second though.


You guys enjoy cuddling right now. You snuggle perfectly on his chest.

So, here you are at 8 weeks.

You are sleeping through the night (praise Jesus). You take nice long naps but are starting to be awake a little more during the day so that's been fun.


You have already had your toe nails painted, per your sister's request.


You are growing like a little weed, a cute, sweet, little weed.

I still can't really pin who you look like. Mommy or daddy? Tough to say but it's pretty obvious you look most like your sister.

Ava on the left and Paisley on the right. Both taken at 1 week by Aunt Ashley.

Happy 2 month birthday my sweet girl. We love you.


P.S. Sorry about not having a post or photos from your one month birthday. Second child syndrome hit. Sorry. But here are some super awesome photos your aunt took when you were just a week old.



  1. Goodness I knew she's grown, but that first set of photos is crazy! She is gorgeous and growing too fast. You've taken some really beautiful photos of her!

  2. Leslie, she is absolutely stunning. Whoa.

  3. your girls do look alike. :)

  4. I love her. ;) She and P are so pretty!

  5. these pictures are BEAUTIFUL!! i must say that my favorite is her sleeping on daddy's chest...there is *nothing* like father/daughter love! congrats!

  6. Such beautiful photos, found your blog via a link to your recipes on Her Library Adventures... Love your blog & you have such a sweet family! xo Beck


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