Aug 9, 2012

Love and the Number Two

I'm writing over at Beautifully Rooted today and have a free printable for you.

Free Printable!

Check it out here.

The post is especially funny today to me because yesterday my girls made it a little difficult to love them with a happy heart.

They both got immunizations the day before and neither slept well. That morning we were all doing okay, okay for someone running on about 2 hours of sleep.

Then the poop hit the fan.

Actually it hit the floor, the shoe and my mom. As we were shopping Sweet P went "poooooop" and took it upon herself to take her bloomers and diaper off.


When she tried stepping out of her dirty diaper she must have put her foot on the side to push it down because the bottom of her jelly was packed with poo.


I'm sure you're wondering where the mother to this child was. Well, little sister had just been fed and I was burping her when she spit up EVERYWHERE. As I was trying to get her cleaned up and dried off I turned to see her sister making quite the scene.

I tried to be as nice and calm as I could and took Sweet Gross P to the bathroom to get her cleaned up. I explained to her why she needs to have her momma take her diaper off as I washed the poo from her leg, foot and shoe.

It was a tough day but just moments later the girl was making silly faces and had me laughing again.

Jam session

I'm sure that's what I look like to Jesus all the time - trying to do things on my own but end up failing, looking silly and covered in poo. I'm so glad He's there to forgive me and cleanse me daily.

Oh, and did you see?!

Slightly off topic but my niece is coming home soon!!



  1. that sounds like a fun day... ahem. you are so right, though. I am sure that is how we look to Jesus ~ stubborn, doing it on our own, covered in poo. Have a wonderful, poo-free, day!

    1. Thanks, Suzanne! Today has been much better. Isn't it amazing what a little sleep with do for a person's sanity?!

  2. Oh my goodness. You poor mama! I had a similar experience when I was a nanny... At the park. I ran out of wipes cleaning it up and literally drove home with a naked baby and poo still on me.... Shudder. Hope you have a much better day!

    1. Out of wipes. That's no good. I am glad we had a bathroom near to clean up.

      Hope you're having a great day!

  3. Gross P! Lol! Luckily for me, Colton has not poo'd on me and I haven't gotten his poo on me. But I can't say the same thing for his dad. Haha!

  4. OH NO!!!! That sounds awful, but so thankful you can move past in and laugh about it. I know we will miss (in some weird way) these days once our kids are grown. And awesome reminder to love as Christ. I needed that today. Thanks!

    1. If you can't laugh about things, what can you do? Although, I wasn't laughing at the time :) And you're right, I'm sure I'll look back and miss even those days, all the more reason to love, love, love.

  5. Being a mom is always an ADVENTURE. :) Thanks for the free printable. I am going to be ordering from your shops when we get our new house. I cannot wait until i can order some prints and get them for my kids' room! :D


  6. ohhh Lesley! i totally can relate! Those days are *so* hard to have that "i love you little munchkin, you never do anything wrong" attitude. sigh. Jesus is such a patient Father...i long to be more like that! thanks for posting this!


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