Aug 29, 2012

While my sister's away

the girls will play!

So you know my sister's in China, right? Oh yes, she is there with her husband and their 2 oldest boys and they're coming home with my niece!

Meanwhile, her youngest two are back here. This past weekend my sister trusted me to watch her girl all night! It was P's first slumber party at her house.

We met up with the kiddos and nana at the Oklahoma Championship Steak Cook-off (I wrote about it yesterday.)

Then back to our house for a fun filled evening!!!

The MISSION: Wear the girls out. Keep them busy. Keep them distracted. FUN. FUN. And more FUN.


Three girls in my kitchen - soon it will be four!!!


The girls headed to P's room and tried on all the headbands. Since P wouldn't cooperate with Firecracker, she let little sister be her model.

Watch out Little One! Your sister is ready for you!

A little Tangled before dinner.

This just makes me laugh. A whole lotta girl stuff going on and daddy.

Wearing them out before baths.

Down and out by 7:30?! It was a first-slumber-party miracle!

So, I'd say our first slumber party was a success! We had an absolute blast and I'm so thankful for a new Little One coming home to add to the fun.


  1. LOVE the expressions of Little Sister! LOL!!
    Crack me up!

    Glad the girls had a good time. :)

    1. Thanks, she has so many these days! Totally love them all!

  2. Slumber party bliss!! Especially when they were finally all slumbering;)

  3. Looks like fun! Firecracker is going to be such an amazing big sister!

  4. I just love Paisley's little play kitchen!

    1. Thank you! Found it at a garage sale!! Might be my favorite garage sale find ever!!

  5. These photos are adorable!

    Few thoughts... love the blankets that you have all over the place- SO cosy! I love the color of the walls in P's room- do you know the name of the paint that was used? And, is that a video monitor in the last photo? I have been shopping around for one and looking for recommendations. Thanks for all of the info and for the glimpse into your world :)

    1. Thank you!

      Usually we don't have blankets everywhere but since our house is all wood floors, the girls needed somewhere to lounge. As for the paint in P's room, probably my #1 questions asked on the blog, it's Sherwin Williams silver spring. I love it!! And yes, it's a video monitor - the best thing I splurged on before P was born. It's the Summer slim & secure. Not great range, like I can't really take it in the backyard, but it was great when P was a newborn and I couldn't hear here so I could turn on the video and see her chest moving and know she was okay.

    2. Thank you so much for you reply! I am seriously obsessed right now with finding the perfect grey for our family room and office. I currently have four different samples painted on our walls (all four walls actually so I can tell what it will look like in all places) and still haven't found one that I love... I may have to go grab a sample of silver spring and try that out too ;)

      I haven't found a baby monitor, video or otherwise, that has great range on it, especially with our cinderblock FL house. To be honest we usually use the hands-free option on our walkie-talkies if we want to work in the yard when the boys are napping. It not traditional at all- but works great! I may look into the summer slim and secure though, I would love to be able to see them while they snooze.

  6. You're such a fun aunt and momma! These girls (and Little One, too!) will grow up so close-- almost like "sister-cousins". I have 3 sisters and we are all best friends. I LOVE it. Can't wait to see the four girls together!! so soon!!

    1. Awe, thanks, Kimber! It is my dream that they all stay close. It's been so fun to watch them so far.

  7. Those headband photos crack me up. My girl was in heaven getting dress up a baby I am sure. Thanks for taking such great care of her and loving on her while I am so far away!

    1. Well your girl made it easy on us. She was so good and they pretty much entertained each other the entire night. Thanks again for letting us watch her and love on her.

  8. such fun!! i LOVE your SWEET P's kitchen!!

  9. Love seeing the girls play together and can't wait for Little One to join in on the fun!!!

  10. Lesley, Did you re-cover your rocker? Was it pretty easy to do so? I may not get rid of mine if I can do it easily...ish.


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