Sep 3, 2012

august photoaday recap

Also known as the month I abandoned prompts.

I planned on doing fat mum slim's prompts, as usual, until I saw a new one based on Ann Voskamp's 1,000 gifts. I decided to do her prompts for the entire month, but, after one week, I abandoned both and just made sure I at least took a single photo every day for the remainder of August.

I really like Ann's prompts but did not like all my pictures being some combo of three. So, this is my semi-unprompted month of photos for August.

augphotoaday collage

1-gifts in white
2-gifts eaten
3-gifts at 10am, 1 pm and 10 pm
4-gifts sitting
5-gifts today inside, outside & upside down
6-gifts in water
7-gifts in his word

~ that concludes Ann's prompts so the rest are just single things I am thankful for each day ~

8-thankful for lessons learned when the poop hits the floor
9-thankful for cooler weather allowing walks with my girls and dog
10-thankful my nephew will let me play this game even though I don't understand it
11-thankful for morning breakfast date with the husband
12-thankful for our very own sno cone machine from auntie
13-thankful for fresh tabbouleh
14-thankful for a little organization
15-thankful for a little creative break for my mugswap partner
16-thankful for baby jammies
17-thankful for this cutie and a swimming pool
18-thankful for morning walks to work off our donuts
19-thankful for his and hers morning coffee before church
20-thankful for my mugswap package
21-thankful for food trucks
22-thankful for queso
23-thankful for a new mexican restaurant we like
24-thankful for a little feisty kitten
25-thankful for these two girls and the fun of jumping on beds
26-thankful for her new favorite face!
27-thankful for this post from my sister *happy tears*
28- thankful for a bounce-back coupon
29-thankful she's so happy even with so little sleep
30-thankful for homemade donuts
31-thankful for sharpened pencils

For larger images and explanations, check out my flickr 2012 PhotoADay set. You can also click on these links to see January, February, March, April, May, and June collages.

I'm joining fat mum slim's prompts again for the remainder of the year. Here are September's prompts.

As always, I'm @recipeforcrazy on instagram.

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  1. These make me really miss you guys and home. I bought you a very Anthro looking scarf today at an underground market. You are too tiny to wear it as a scarf, but it will make an great table runner too. Got me one too :)


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