Sep 6, 2012

Game Day Cookies!!!

Do you remember when I posted the recipe for these cookies?


They were quite a hit around here and it seems they were a hit on pinterest too!

That's pretty cool when you see one of your own recipes on pinterest!!

Anyway, these cookies were taken to a whole new level. Sweet Melissa, over at Midwest Magnolia, made her own version of the cookies for game day. They are so awesome!! Check out her post today to see what she did. I think I'll be doing my own version for game day this fall.

Thanks for sharing your cookies, Melissa!!


  1. You rock Lesley! Thanks for the amazing recipe!!!

  2. These cookies are the bomb. I want to make them again...and I think I will this week!

    1. So glad you liked them!! I'll come right on over :)


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