Mar 4, 2013

Oh Vitamix, I really, really like you

It's no secret that I love my Vitamix. If you follow me on instagram (@recipeforcrazy) you have seen a few of these pictures and are probably sick of seeing my Vitamix concoctions! I just can't help myself - this thing is so great.

When people ask me what it is, I tell them it's a magical blender. Because it is.

We have been proud owners of ours since Christmas but I've wanted one for years. My love for the Vitamix began in college. Did you know the husband and I helped our friends open a Smoothie King? We did. And that's when I saw first-hand, the powers of the Vitamix.

If you've ever wondered what's so special about this blender, let me tell you.

1. It crushes ice like no blender I've ever seen. This is essential in a good, smooth smoothie. There are no little chunks and nothing to chew. Also pretty amazing when making fresh fruit sorbet!

2. It purees like none other. We love a good veggie puree alongside roasted chicken or pork tenderloin and have recently discovered the awesomeness of pureeing part of your soup and adding it back in to make the creamiest soup imagined.

3. It chops too. Not much more to say on that subject but I have enjoyed this feature while making black bean burgers and salsa.

4. Clean up. In less than 2 minutes you are done. Just warm water, 2 drop of soap and blend. I mean, who doesn't like easy clean up?


I could go on and on about this thing because it is just that awesome but I'll let some pictures do the talking and trust me, it makes more than killer smoothies.

fresh fruit margarita
Why yes, I did start off with a margarita! (recipe from the Vitamix Create cookbook)

green smoothie
Green smoothie for lunch and a little cereal mixed in for the youngest. Healthy goodness all around.

Kale and Basil pesto
kale and basil pesto - so so good. (from the Vitamix cookbook)

feta-spinach hummus
spinach and feta hummus (recipe from the Vitamix Create cookbook)

Quick spicy salsa
quick and easy salsa!
1 can HOT rotel, 1 can diced tomatoes - drained, 1/2 onion, handful of cilantro, juice from 1/2 a lime, fresh black pepper and a little salt - blend and done!

Strawberry milkshake
strawberry milkshake

Oven pancake
oven pancake - so easy

Orange sorbet
fresh orange sorbet (recipe from Vitamix Create cookbook)

People have asked what model we have and why so here goes, we have the Professional Series 750 model. We chose to get this one because of the pre-programmed settings, pulse, shorter container so it would fit under our cabinet and it also came with their recipe book. And we've had experience with the Vitamix verses other blenders so that's really what sold us.
That said, if you've looked into these you might have had a little sticker shock and this machine isn't for everyone. Not everyone cares about the pulse, pre-prgrammed settings or even wants a blender that does all this. I get it, but if you are interested in one, there are several different models to choose from and really any one of them would be awesome and do the trick.

Also, I was in no way paid to write this post, although, when I think of all the people that now have a Vitamix since I started posting, I really should get something! Like a referral credit, the grain canister, something, right?


  1. DUDE! I am coming over for salsa and a margarita! :) Yum!

  2. Love mine! My 3 sisters and I always talked about who would get our Mom's stainless steel Vitamix. Imagine our glee when those were our Christmas gifts one year! They are worth every penny!

  3. My in-laws have one so I know the power and magic it has. That being said, we have a Ninja. :) We use it every day. It does the job, but it's no Vitamix!

  4. We bought ours when we were in our hometown for Christmas. VitamMix HQ is literally minutes from where we used to live. To put it simply...LIFECHANGER! Our 8 yr old willingly drinks kale!!! My parents just went and got theirs last week. Keep posting ideas! :)

  5. I love my Vitamix. With a passion. Another thing is the warranty--they really will replace or fix it and FAST if it happens you need it. My first one died after 15 years and rather than fix, a certain despot made me get rid of it and replaced it with a cheap Oster. "A blender is a blender". NOT. I whined off and on for another 5 years and the despot gave in Christmas 2011.

  6. I've owned different models of Vitamix for over 20 years. Loved every one of them! It is sticker shock, but remember, it is an investment! Everyone shound own one of these machines! I use mine just about every day! Buy from Vitamix with confidence!

  7. Found your blog thanks to the Vitamix Facebook page. Thanks for the great info. I just got my Vitamix yesterday; I couldn't afford the 750, so I got the CIA 1363. I was feeling a bit intimidated so this info is completely necessary & useful!!!

  8. I just got mine two weeks ago. Have been looking at it for a couple of years. The only way I could finally afford it was through QVC shopping channel. Interest free payments spread out over five months. I got a model that only has two speeds "high" and "low". However, mine included a second "blender jar" (retail value for this alone is $149) for dry ingredients so I can make my own oat, almond, and rice flours. Came with three incredible cookbooks - one from Vitamix, one from Culinary Institute of America, and an entire book on baking... I'm in love.

  9. Your sorbet inspired me to make a mandarin sorbet. Super quick, super delicious, and super healthy! Love Vitamix!

  10. I have owned one for 3 years I just LOVe it! When my son started eating baby food I could not bear the thought of feeding him that jar stuff with un known i took whatever we had for dinner (minues any bones) and Bita-Mixed food. Every night I took our dinner and fed the vitamix version to my son. He not only is healthy and sugar adn salt free but he now loves and eats anything. I did the same for fruits and vegestable it saved me so much money!

  11. I love my Vitamix, too. I also loved oven pancakes/Dutch babies...I don't eat them anymore since going high raw/plant-based, but I love looking at the photo.

  12. I love mine, too!! It is the best ever. And I've talked so much about my love for it that my sister and a friend each bought one. I joke that I should get commission. :)

  13. We bought our Vitamix about 13 years ago at the Home & Garden show. Still crankin' away and makin' the best smoothies EVER!

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  15. I've owned a Vitamix for quite sometime, and it is worth every penny.
    Initially I referred to it as a high power blender but it is much more than that.

    I was in my local Sam's Club a year or so ago when it was being demonstrated, a couple of folks observing the demo seemed interested but then backed off when the cost was revealed. At that point this curiosity seeker, just had to speak up with her testimony and three were sold with in five minutes. I am not a salesperson but I can sell when believe in something.

  16. it was pleasure reading this post....

  17. I just bought one yesterday at Whole Foods. I know there is so much it can do and want to put it to full use. You should post more recipes ;)

  18. I just got mine in the mail today, and just cleaned it and so I will be ready to go tomorrow (have to pick up some goodies to blend!. Enjoyed your post!!


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