Sep 14, 2008

2nd Saturday Free Day at Philbrook Museum of Art

Saturday was the second Sat. of the month, which means, free admission to Philbrook! Eric and I went and enjoyed a great lunch before seeing the exhibits. We figured, since we didn't have to pay to get in, we'd try out there restaurant, la Villa. I'm glad we did! Their spicy clam chowder was the best I've had so far! After lunch we went out back to walk the paths in the garden until the rain forced us inside.

The exhibit, Object Project was great. 15 different artists were given the same 5 objects to incorporate into their piece. The five objects were: twine, a mirror, glass of water, bone and a butterfly. It was fun walking around trying to find each object in all the paintings and seeing how each artist depicted them in their own ways.

Not only is 2nd Sat. free, but it's also family day. There were 3 different art projects going on for the kids; making 3-D frames, painting still life and making mini puppets. A great idea and fun way to get the kiddos interested in art.

I was also really excited to walk around the other rooms to see other great works of art! So check it out!

Object Project

Gardens at Philbrook

Waterfall at Philbrook




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