Nov 13, 2008

Unite! 2008

For those of you that don't know, I work at the Tulsa Area United Way. This past Tuesday we had the final campaign celebration and announced the total amount raised. With a goal of $23,934,339, the Tulsa Area exceeded it and raised $24,001,223! The event was held at Expo Square's Central Park Hall. Tulsa's own, Zink Park kicked off the night and came back for the post party. I decided to share some of the photos from the event that show a little bit of what I do around here. I designed the event brand which was carried out on all the materials including the invitation, table cards, programs and event signage.

2008 Unite! - 173/365

Unite Kicks Off!

$24,001,223 Raised!


  1. You're so good...I love that your stuff is always unique - not copying what another designer does. That marks talent.

  2. Thanks, Ash, you're the best! Mark wanted something totally different so this is what he got!


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