May 21, 2009


In an effort to de-simplify my life (can you feel the sarcasm?), I decided to try to do a "sketch-a-day". I am almost finished with my photography adventure of a photo-a-day, today is day 357, and as I near completion, I decided to challenge myself with a daily sketch.

According to many people that do this, it's supposed to stimulate creativity as well as keep your mind sharp and you may find that you become a better artist after all's said and done. By definition a sketch isn't supposed to take more than 15 minutes so they are supposed to be quick and painless. I've decided to sketch something I come into contact with on that specific day.

Here are some of the first attempts...try not to be too critical, they are merely sketches (some colored sketches!)

Pink Beauty - 356/365

Morel - 349/365

Grow Local - 350/365

TOMS sketch - 351/365


  1. I'm at day 363 myself for my photos. It all comes to an end on Saturday.

  2. I was wanting to make some canvas shopping bags for Christmas gifts this year...might just have to steal some of your sketches for designs. Hmmmm


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