Aug 17, 2010

Sweet P's Sweet Quilts - Part 1

photo by Ashley Ann photography
I have an extremely talented family. My grandmother quilts, my mom sews, my aunt also quilts and my sister, well, she does all sorts of goodness from diy projects to photography. Therefore, my baby girl has a fabulous homemade nursery! I'm going to post different pieces throughout the nursery but today I'm starting with the quilt made by my grandma.

photo by Ashley Ann photography
I love this quilt! I picked out the material, a mix of Tula Pink's Plume line with a touch of the material used in the nursery. I think it's pretty amazing. Thank you so much Grandma. I imagine little P will wear this out throughout the years as I did with the first quilt you made me.

Sweet P on her Plume Quilt

Love You Mom


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