Sep 8, 2010

Sweet P's Sweet Quilts - Part 2

Part 2 of Sweet P's Quilts are made by her Granny Sandy.

I love the pinks and greens in this first one. All the material is flannel and is SO soft.

Her face cracks me up in this one!
Sweet P and her Quilt

Sweet P and her Quilt

Her other quilt is really colorful and I love it too! It actually has little paisley patterns in the peacock feathers. (Didn't notice this when we picked out the material and Sweet P didn't have a name yet!)

Not a great shot of Sweet P, but you can really see the quilt.
Sweet P and her Quilt

I LOVE this face!
Sweet P and her Quilt

And a little smile from my 6 week old girl!
Sweet P and her Quilt

Thank you so much Granny Sandy for the beautiful quilts!


  1. I guess I better get with it and check out your blog more often, I seem to be missing out on a lot. Great pics of Sweet P. Love the first one, she looks like she is not sure about what's going on. Thanks for quilt plug!!!


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