Nov 10, 2010

Random Food I Take Pictures Of and P in a Bucket

Not sure why I do this, but I take pictures of food.

Good food.

Food I either cook or eat.

I take a lot of pictures of donuts. Not sure what that says about my eating habits.
Maple Donut and Coffee
Glazed Donut and Coffee
Powdered Sugar Cake Donut - Daylight Donuts

But I also take pictures of other tasty goodness.
Monkey Cookie
Momma Bread
Judgement Day and the Oklahoman
Chocolate Cupcake from Merritt's Bakery
Coneys and Fritos
Spare Ribs and Pork Loin on the Hasty-Bake

And on a totally different subject, check out the sister's blog post yesterday with P's pictures!!!

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