Mar 1, 2012

February Photo-a-Day Wrap-up

Another month has come and gone this year. Is weird to anyone else that it's March?

I think time has flown by. Maybe it's the fact that this may very well be the month that we welcome our new one home!? I don't know but it's been fun participating in the photo-a-day challenge on instagram so I can look back and see where each month went. It's also been fun seeing what other people come up with for the same word.

If you have no idea what I'm talking about, you can read more about the challenge here. There's also a new photo prompt list up for March.

Here's my month of February in instagram photos:

February 2012 Photo-A-Day

1-my view today 2-words 3-hands 4-stranger 5-10am 6-dinner 7-button 8-sun 9-front door 10-self portrait 11-makes me happy 12-inside my closet 13-blue 14-heart 15-phone 16-something new 17-time 18-drink 19-something i hate to do 20-handwriting 21-a fave photo of me 22-where i work 23-my shoes 24-inside my bathroom cabinet 25-green 26-night 27-something i ate 28-money 29-something i'm listening to

If you want to see larger versions of any of these, they're also up on my flickr stream under my 2012 PhotoADay set.

January's photos are here. FYI, I'm recipeforcrazy on instagram.


  1. I was sad when I'd realized I hadn't done a couple of days and then it just spiraled into me not completing it...bummer! Glad you completed yours!

  2. Love this! Your pictures are so fun. So excited to be trying out the challenge for March! My husband got me an iPhone for Valentines. I think that Instagram was the #1 reason I wanted to upgrade from a "dumphone" to a smartphone :)

  3. eek, I am loving that last one! Such a blessed sound!


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