Apr 24, 2012

Daddy's Shadow

I've been going to the lake and fishing with my husband for many years now - way before we were married and even before we started dating. That's like, sixteen years! Whoa.

Anyway, it was time to introduce our newest addition, or ingredient :) to our world of the outdoors. So, this past weekend we took a little trip to a nearby lake and let the girls run wild, I mean, we let P run wild and sister just ate, pooped and soaked up some sun.


Most of you know the husband noodles catfish. I posted a link yesterday to my sister's interview with him but here it is again if you missed it. That was last year. I can't believe how much Sweet P has grown!

Last year she just sat in my lap of in her little floatie but now she's daddy's little shadow.

She was so excited about all the water. As soon as we unloaded from the car, shich happens to be crazy more difficult with two instead of just one child, she ran to the edge of the shoreline and just kept pointing and saying, "waer." Yes, there's a lot of water, sweet girl.


Even though the water was still really cold, neither P, nor daddy could resist getting wet. Daddy had to check a hole for a catfish and P just had to see what the fuss was about. He found a stick and she found her's.




No catfish yet. Maybe next time.

We played in the sand as the sun went down and tried building some sand castles.

And this is the only picture of evidence that I was there, my feet.


And, because she's so stinkin' cute, another picture of my littlest one.



  1. Your newest ingredient is a dreamboat. Absolutely darling, and so is her big sister!

  2. What a fun family day! I thought your husband was crazy last year, and I still think he's crazy this year. P.S. Where did you find Sweet P's water shoes? I can't believe she braved the cold water, good for her.

    1. I think he's crazy too! I got her water shoes at Target last year. They are awesome.

  3. sweet times sweet baby and sweet p!
    soaking up the sun looks like fun with that darling ruffled suit!
    you are blessed!

    1. Thank you! Very sweet times and I agree, I am very blessed.


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