Jun 28, 2012

My Gift


"Behold, children are a gift from the Lord." - Psalm 127:3

I am thankful for your sensitivity. You sometimes are hurt very easily but that sensitivity recognizes when others are hurt and it hurts you too. I am thankful you see others hurt and want to "fitz it" and I pray this never changes.

I am thankful for your energy. From the time you wake up in the morning, usually telling me you want to dance when I come in to get you out of bed, until night time comes when you need to be put back in that bed, you are constantly moving. 

I am thankful for your curiosity. You want to learn and know everything. You hand me things and with a puzzled face, look at me asking, "this?" You want to be where I am, watching what I'm doing - always learning and remembering. You get this from your daddy and I hope you never lose your curiosity.

I'm thankful for your beauty. Your eyes melt me, your smile makes me smile and you are already so confident. I sometimes find myself staring at you in the backseat or while you're playing wondering how you could be so beautiful already and I know we'll be in trouble in a few short years.

I'm thankful for your affection. You want to be near me always and can't go ten minutes without touching me in some way. Whether it's sitting on my lap to have me read you a story, climbing on my back when I'm feeding your sister, or just giving me a hug without my asking, you like affection. I will always give it to you.

I'm thankful for your restrained confidence. You are very cautious when trying something new but once you master it, you are fearless. I'm thankful you look before leaping and boldly do what you know you can.

Most of all, I'm thankful God gave me you for a daughter. I'm thankful He trusted you in my care. I am supposed to teach you and help you grow but you teach me daily. You teach me to be free, to live in the moment, to crave knowledge, to care for others and recognize their hurt, to just go for it. I'm thankful for you and the wonderful gift you are.


  1. A beautiful tribute! What a treasure!

  2. Beautiful!! I have a one year old daughter, this reminds me of her!! I have tears!!

  3. That is beautiful and brought a tear to my eye! Well said!

  4. this post is a treasure. what a gift to give to your daughter!

  5. Tears! I often forget that I am getting and giving out affection when my son just doesn't want to be without me. Thanks for putting it in the perspective you did.

  6. Stephanie McConnellJune 28, 2012 at 2:25 PM

    Les, I absolutely LOVE this dedication to Sweet P! Beautiful!! Hope to see you all soon! ~Steph


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