Jul 25, 2012

A letter to my TWO year old

P turns 2 web

Happy Birthday to my sweet, sweet girl!!

Today is your birthday and you are so loved. Right now you are all about purple, princesses and monsters. That's right. Your favorite movie is Monsters Inc.


You are so much fun and your personality has really come shining through in the past year. You are extremely funny and you love making people laugh. Such an entertainer.


I'm not sure where you picked up your dance moves but they are, um, unique. Awesome and unique. You love to dance with me in the morning and you usually want me to turn on "keeber" (that means cucmber, aka, veggie tales Sunday morning songs.) We dance and little sister watches. You make her laugh the most. I'm pretty sure you guys will be the best of friends. If not, I'll make you. I can do that, you know, I am your mom ;)


I'm pleased to tell you that you are still a great eater. Although you don't love everything I cook, at least you'll try everything once. And, if someone gave you a sucker and we tell you that you have to eat your dinner first, you literally will choke down foods you detest, like zucchini fritters. Sorry about that. I won't ever make you eat one again!


Some of your favorite foods, that need no choking down, include cheese, crackers, donuts and chips and salsa. You amaze me at how you eat spicy food already. You eat most meats, including fish and you love all fruits. As for veggies, you have found that you don't really care for them, other than tomatoes. You can eat your weight in those any day.

Now that you're in your big girl bed you are ready for your sister to join you in her room. Sorry, she gets up 2 hours earlier than you and I'm not quite ready for you both to be awake that early. In time.


Your top favorite phrases right now include: "yeah, okay," "yeah, sure," and "stop it." Where you picked that last one up, I'm not sure but I do know I don't care for it much. And while we're on that topic, your little independent self does not like it when you don't get your way. You have mastered the art of a fit and I'm working on mastering the art of putting an end to it.


You really are a great kid. You have so much joy and you wake up in the best mood most every day. I have enjoyed watching you grow, learn and become this beautiful little girl. I look forward to many more years watching you.


We've had so much fun with you over the last two years and you have blessed our lives in such a wonderful way. You are an awesome daughter and incredible sister. Your daddy and mommy love you so much and am so proud of you.

Happy Birthday.

P.S. here's a little look back.



  1. A very happy birthday to your cute little girl!

    Made me realize I've been reading your blog for at least two years bc I remember posts when you were pregnant with her!

    1. Thank you! It seems like forever ago that I was pregnant with her.

  2. Happy birthday, P!!! Wow, so much has changed in a year!!! Hope it's a great day for you and her. :)

  3. What a difference a year makes! She is so pretty. Happy Birthday Sweet P!

    My daughter who is now 13 LOVED Monster Inc. We used to call her Boo. LOL!

  4. awww ~ happy happy happiness to your little one!!
    I absolutely LOVE this age!! many many blessings to you ALL...

  5. She is just too cute for words. Can't wait to sing Happy Birthday to Two Year old Sweet P.

  6. oh my goodness she is holding up her one finger and then her two fingers. that is precious. i love love love it. she is such a cutie. happy birthday sweet p

  7. Happy Birtday P!!! Hugs and kisses!


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