Nov 13, 2012


In continuing with my week of thanking some amazingly talented artists out there, I want to introduce you to Heather of CM Handmade.

We did a little swapp-a-roo and she surprised me with this amazingly beautiful banner.


I had full intentions of hanging it the day I opened it. But, then life happened.


I have to say, I have been eyeing her banners since I first saw them on my sister's blog when she was a sponsor. She has a huge variety of designs, including custom ones. And then, one day on instagram, I saw it. The sisters banner! I fell in love.

We had already talked a little here and there on which one I may like but I never thought she would surprise me with that lovely!!

And I have to say, the banner in person is even more beautiful than any picture could do justice. The craftsmanship, or craftwomanship ;), is amazing. It's such great quality and beautiful fabrics. Love!

Sister banner by CM handmade

Anyway, go to her shop now and check out her talent. Get a little something fun for your house and go ahead and grab a Christmas gift for someone else while you're there!!


  1. That's adorable!! Your girls wall is so inspiring! I love all the details! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Oh my! I somehow missed the baby powder incident post. Goodness!! I'm glad Sweet P is OK, and that her room is now even more lovely with the awesome banner.

  3. I have one of her banners. The one that says HAPPY and I love it!!

  4. This room makes me so happy! Love that banner!!


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