Jan 25, 2013

december photoaday recap

Nearly a month late, but finally getting around to finishing up my photoaday challenge for 2012!

Here's my month of December in photos.

December photoaday collage

1-too pooped to party 2-volunteering at church alongside my husband 3-looking up 4-diva 5-staredown 6-tough face 7-dumb and dumber had it wrong with the world's most annoying sound 8-sushi from the sandwich shop 9-shopping sans kiddos 10-a little shop sale 11-reading while she naps 12-camel cricket 13-desicions 14-holding them close 15-estate sale shopping with little sister 16-tea party with the littles 17-mug art 18-spring rolls 19-her nap buddies 20-new scarf with new pants 21-christmas train 22-riding in the house 23-i must hae been a very, very good girl 24-reading about the One who came to save the world 25-merry christmas from us 26-green smoothie time 27-picking out her own groceries 28-cinnamon rolls 29-our christmas fun 30-sock, the new teething ring 31-happy new years eve

And now to pat myself on the back for finishing something I started and not missing a single photo a day for an entire year!

For larger images and explanations, check out my flickr 2012 PhotoADay set. You can also click on these links to see January, February, March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October and November collages.

In case you're new around here, I'm @recipeforcrazy on instagram.

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  1. i LOVE these photo collages Lesley!
    what a beautifully creative way to capture each year.


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