Oct 21, 2013

Christmas cards - 2013

I have received a few emails and comments asking if I'll be doing Christmas cards again this year. The answer is yes! I was going to wait until Friday, when they'll be up in the shop, to announce it but I decided to do a little sneak peek today.

Christmas photo cards - recipe for crazy

And yes, like last year, I'll also have templates available for photographers on most designs - more details on Friday.

Some of last year's favorites will be back again, as will a few new fun Christmas related items, like these printable gift tags!

Printable Christmas gift tags

More will be added but for now I'm wrapping up the Christmas card designs so check back Friday to see all the new cards and have a happy Monday!


  1. Oh, Lesley, I've been waiting for this post! Third year in a row?

  2. your amazing!!!! Love those new gift tags!!

  3. That looks amazing! And it looks like making peace with winter is desperatley needed over here.

    We have a summerly post today:

    Love from Germany,


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