Apr 1, 2014

Be Crafty Arizona - FREE SWAG

Oh hey! I'm blogging today. I know it's been a while and I have so much spinning around in my head after back-to-back amazing weekends of traveling so bear with me as I try to sort it all out.

Today I'm talking about Be Crafty and it's going to be full of all kinds of pretty and if you stick around for the whole thing, you just might walk away with a bag full of swag! And you never know, I just may blog again this week (insert ghost emoji here).

Remember a while back when I posted about Be Crafty for the first time? You can read about it here. Well, that same great Amanda asked me to join her again for a workshop in Arizona hosting alongside Heather, Cole, Katy and Kate! How could anyone say no to that? I know I can't and thankfully the husband said yes too.

I have never been to Arizona before and I may have gone a little overboard with the pictures I took of all the huge cacti. It's cacti right? Not cactuses? Anyway, the weather was amazing, the people was so friendly and the whole weekend was a dream. Safe to say Arizona has a new fan.

So let's talk about the actual event. I must say. Amanda constantly amazes me with her decorating vision. We were able to transform a room in the Old Main building at Arizona State University into beauty. But it would not have been possible without the help of some AMAZING event sponsors donating their gorgeous products: Barberry and Lace, CupcakeMag and Junk in the Trunk Vintage.

The day kicked off with a photo booth outside for all the guests to get pictures with their friends. Let me tell you. That chalk backdrop was a beast painting, seasoning and drawing on, but I'm so happy how it turned out and the paper fans from made it so fun. Also fun. The fine people of Hello Apparel providing us the hostesses with awesome shirts for the day!

Once the ladies made their way in they were greeted by a stairway of swag.

Let me take a moment to share about the swag. Heather painted canvas bags for each lady, Cole made felt flowers that served as name tags and Sweet Lulu (10% off with code crafty) sent honeycomb balls for each bag. They were amaing.

And inside each bag...

  1. this little light - print // Pretty Girl Designs // IG @prettygirldesigns // 20% off Code: BECRAFTYAZ until April 30th
  2. poms // Steph Loves Ben  //  IG @stephlovesben
  3. thank you card set // Lori Danelle  // IG @loridanelle
  4. notecard // Kate Eschbach //  IG @songskatesang

  1. felt fetti // Benzi  //  IG @benzidesign
  2. everyday is an adventure print // IG @katykristin  // 20% off Code: BECRAFTYAZ until April 30th
  3. earrings // Barberry & lace // IG @barberry_and_lace
  4. hello friend mini cards // Pen and Paint  //  IG @PEN_AND_PAINT

  1. free prints // Printic 
  2. my mom snaps book // My Mom Snaps //  IG @prettygirldesigns  // 20% off Code: BECRAFTYAZ until April 30th
  3. washi tape // Willow Washi // IG @willowwashi
  4. cloth bag filled with goodies // Inspire Lovely // IG @inspirelovely
  5. you are loved card // Give with Joy // IG @anetanina

  1. notebook - look familiar :) // Tiny Prints notebook - Recipe For Crazy print design  use code: BECRAFTY 25% off  // IG @lesleyzellers
  2. it is well print // Fancy That Design //  IG @fancythatdesign // 10% off Code: BECRAFTYAZ until April 30th
  3. fabric flags // Natalie Creates  // IG @nataliecreates
  4. earrings // Archetype Collective // IG @stefanie_morgan
Like I said, amazing! We are so thankful to all the sponsors that sent so many pretties to share with our ladies. You guys are awesome.

And guess what?! They all sent an extra item to give away to one of you! Go over to Amanda's post to enter to win your own swag bag!!

So awesome.

As for the craft projects, Amanda and I teamed up for a chalk art hoop craft. She led the way in wrapping quilting hoops with fabric then I jumped in to do a demo on some tips for stepping up your chalk art skills.

I passed out some little kits for the ladies and then we all got a little chalky.

And when you get a little chalky, you just may decide to bust a move with your completed project.

No? Just me? Okay.

And the hoops wouldn't have been possible without the chalk oilcloth from Modern June. Thank you so much!

Back to the other projects.

Amanda then shared tips on crepe paper flowers and all the different ways to make them to apply to an ampersand.

I took a break on this project because I did my fair share of crepe paper flowers when my sister got married. We made countless flowers for her wedding decorations. Good memories.

It is so fun to see all the different personalities of ladies come out in the same craft. Each with unique color combos, flowers, glitter or yarn, big flowers or teeny ones. So many amazing flowers were made.

And there was another project but I didn't get any pictures of it. Oops. But it was amazing too :)

And lastly, thank you to The Mason Bar Company for providing the cutest lids and straws for our ladies, Sucre + Confetti for gorgeous balloons and the AMAZING Lauren for capturing our event with the loveliest photography.

Whew. What a day. I am just so thankful I got to be a part of such a great day, meet so many amazing ladies and walk away with a full heart and great friendships. Be Crafty. You did it again.

An HEY! Don't forget to go enter Amanda's giveaway to get your own swag bag! 


  1. What a beautiful event. Each detail carefully planned and executed; you can tell there was a great deal of planning involved! Love all of it!

  2. give me all the things. and also i want to go to one of these.

  3. Ridiculous SWAG.

  4. Just love you. Come back soon, ok?!

  5. lovely,lovely,loveliness!!
    I {long} to come to one of Amanda's "Be Crafty" events...
    She is crazy talented!!


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