Oct 6, 2014

what? i blogged?

Oh hello, October, and hey there people that randomly check in here. Surprise, there's something here. Here's the thing, I have been busy and haven't made this space a priority. And I'm fine with that because I've been busy having fake picnics with my girls, planting a fall garden, rounding up chickens, reading books I've ordered off Amazon that have been waiting far too long, swinging in the backyard, visiting our land nearly every day for the last month (more on that to come), trying my best at homeschooling a pre-schooler all while drinking sweet iced tea before it's too cold.

Oh, and let's not forget about the west elm, "meet the makers" event bathroom selfie.

I like that kind of busy.
And when I haven't been doing all the fun things, I've been working on some shop updates, including my first ever hand-lettered calendar! I'm so excited about it. When I started that online class this year, I set a goal to complete a hand-lettered design a month for the year. I actually completed my goal, with a little time to go! So I took all these designs I've been working on and gave them each their own month. Here's a little video I shared on instagram of the process.

Speaking of instagram, I'm doing a little giveaway series this week. Since it was my birthday yesterday, and since I like giving presents more that getting them, I've teamed up with my favorite handmade artists and we're giving a set of goodies each day this week! So pop on over, @lesleyzellers, and check out what I'll be giving away along with cole franke, raising up rubies, wifeysinger, jessica-n-designs and amanda rydell! It's going to be good, y'all.

And maybe, just maybe, I'll get on that land post I've been meaning to write!

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