Jan 12, 2015

Garden Tip - soil prep (oldie)

prepping your soil for food gardening

This is the last garden tip for a bit, and it's not a new one. I wrote it last year but the people have asked about getting their soil and beds ready for spring gardening, so click here to take you to the info I posted last year.

It also has a link to spring planting tips from our garden at our old house. I forgot how much we grew in that small space!

zellers city garden

Now go get dirty.


  1. I've loved your posts on gardening - thank you! I'm wondering if you'd consider doing a post/tutorial on how to compost. I've read books and researched, but for some reason I just don't understand it. Maybe a composting for dummies - from the basic beginnings? :)

  2. The emotional reaction I had to the idea of prepping soil obviously means I can't wait for summer to return! Minnesota winters are so long!


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