Feb 3, 2015

Be Crafty Minneapolis!

Wow. Last weekend was so full it's taken me a few days to recover. Oh, last weekend I was in Minneapolis, Minnesota to co-host another Be Crafty workshop with the always amazing, Amanda Rydell. Midas doesn't have anything on her touch.

The weekend started off with a hot dog. A glorious hot dog from a fun place. And by fun, I mean, as soon as I saw the joint I asked Amanda to make a u-turn! As it turned out, not one of the ladies had ever eaten there because they thought it a tad questionable. What?! Looked like the perfect place for a good dog to me.

Anyway, once we got the hot dog under control. We finished setting up Amanda and Jessica's studio. Finished is used very loosely here. It was basically all ready to go, minus a few chalky things needed. Those ladies know how to throw a party.

Treats and drinks were crafted by the amazing, Melissa Coleman.

I have followed her on instagram (@thefauxmartha) for quite some time and it was such a treat to finally meet her and taste her creations. The Italian Soda bar with her homemade syrups were completely addicting. I had more than my fair share. Melissa shared the recipe on her blog, you can find it here.

I shared a few tips on chalk art and the ladies made super cute fabric wrapped chalk banners with canvas from The Modern June. You better bet I have my eye on some of her oil cloth too!

The super-sweet Jessica, of Jeff Loves Jessica Photography, blessed us with her talent and photographed the day's event.

The thing I love most about Be Crafty workshops are all the conversations, laughter and new friendships. I'm not the craftiest of the bunch but I'm so very thankful you guys request me to join in your fun. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

To see all the crafts and more pictures from the event, head over to Amanda's post here.

After the event there may have been some junk treasure hunting with Jessie, the talent behind the party decor, aka Sweet Shop LuLu. So. Much. Fun.

Goodbyes are hard.

Getting your flight cancelled due to blizzards is not ideal.

Thrifting makes it better.

And, yes, I'm all kinds of gangsta.

I eat at questionable hot dog joints, drink Italian Sodas, make art with chalk and hold hairless cats.

What?! That was random.

Until next time, Be Crafty. Until next time.


  1. Where was the place with the marque letters?? I so need one!

  2. You crack me up!! Looks like a great time.


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