Oct 3, 2015

Draw with Me!

A couple of days ago I shared a fun little sketching challenge for the month of October on instagram.

october sketch-a-day with @lesleyzellers

Sometimes I get in a rut creatively and need a spark and since fall is my second favorite season (after spring) I decided to challenge myself to sketching something every day for one month. And since my shop is on vacation while I wait for my third baby to arrive so I figured the timing couldn't be better - other than having a baby at some point in the month.

I wrote up a quick list of daily prompts to make it easy on myself. Each day has a word. Each day something different to draw.

I shared my list on instagram inviting others to join in the fun. In part because I need the accountability and in part because a lot of people ask how to get started drawing or lettering and I thought it would be a good nudge to get people to just start!

You can join in too and share your daily sketches with the hashtag #sketchadaywithLRZ

Here's the list for the month:
  1. leaves
  2. pie
  3. "fall y'all"
  4. acorns
  5. sunflower
  6. fair
  7. campfire
  8. plaid
  9. hay
  10. boots
  11. football
  12. apples
  13. "warm & cozy"
  14. owl
  15. umbrella
  16. barn
  17. "old truck"
  18. corn
  19. pinecone
  20. berries
  21. "sweater weather"
  22. blanket
  23. antlers/deer
  24. candy
  25. cat
  26. hot cocoa
  27. spider
  28. "spooky"
  29. pumpkin
  30. bat
  31. "trick or treat"
If you want to print a list for easy reference, I made a little square sheet that you can download here.

Last but not least! I turned my day 3 sketch, "it's fall y'all," into a printable for you to color!

its fall yall

Here's the link for the free download: it's fall y'all. I'd love to see how you color it so make sure you tag me (@lesleyzellers) if you end up posting it on instagram!!!

I'm also going to attempt to keep all my sketches updated on my flickr album "october sketch-a-day." Lofty goals. Lofty. Goals.


  1. Love it! Thank you! :) Maybe the next one can be "It's a baby, y'all!" :D :D :D

  2. I am going to give it a try! Thanx for the inspiration!!


  3. Looking forward to coloring this-- going to print one for each of the four in our house, thank you!~

  4. i love this challenge. I am working on it with my 10 year old son. thanks so much! http://elisaingram.com/its-fall-yall/


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