Feb 11, 2011

The Cat

We have 2 dogs and a cat. Since our little girl was born, our animals have been demoted from our babies to, well, our animals. It's very sad to me. So, in honor of our cat, this post is for him.

This is Pistol. (OSU grad, Pistol Pete)

Don't Wake Me - 213/365

He's a bit misunderstood.

What you lookin' at?

To most, he's mean.

MMM...wood. 4/365

A killer.

I'm Watching You - 66/365

A pain.

Clean Laundry and Cat

But under that tough exterior lies the heart of a kitten.

Pistol as Kitten

And he more than tolerates the new kid in town.

Pistol, you're a pretty cool cat.


  1. Any cat that is patient with a baby/toddler is cool in my book! We have a maine coon fat beast of a cat who is afraid of affection but is super patient with G and lets him jump all over her. Gotta love that!

  2. Since my cat (Lilly) was 7 when our daughter was born it took a couple years her to warm up to a little person (she is 3 now). She now realizes there is an extra person in the house to get love from!


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