Feb 18, 2011


I introduced this little beauty to grass. Dead grass at that.

She checked it out but decided it was not for her.

Then I went to happy hour. At Sonic. It was good.

Sonic Happy Hour

Then I took the little beauty to a nearby park. This time we brought a blanket.

She tasted leaves, twigs and dirt for the first time. Daddy was proud.

 I Spy a Leaf

I'm sure people out there are appalled by this. You may think I'm a bad mom for letting my kid snack on leaves, but she'll do it eventually!

And this little guy stopped by to say hello.

Squirrel at Woodward Park

We left and came home to make this.

Hello Pioneer Woman Chicken Spaghetti! It was delicious.

I did a lot of other stuff, but those were the highlights.

Happy Friday and I hope you enjoy the weekend.

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  1. I don't think you are a bad mom for letting your daughter eat dirt, it's all natural, right?! Love the pictures of your little girl, she is a cutie!


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