Feb 2, 2011

Only in Oklahoma

How, in a matter of days, does the weather go from this sunny and a beautiful 70 degrees.

To this record-setting blizzard?

Oh Oklahoma. You tease me with your surprisingly warm days in January. Warm enough to enjoy a day on the lake wearing a sweatshirt.

And eat lake food.

And see a bald eagle swoop down from a tree, snatch a fish out of the lake and take it back up to the tree to eat.

And out-fish the boys!

And then you shake me back to winter reality 3 days later with a RECORD snowfall. A blizzard really. My boat friend is locked away in the garage covered by a giant snow drift.

And we're stuck inside trying to entertain ourselves and stay warm.

And now we need a bit more than a sweatshirt to go outside now.

The snow is pretty and all, but can you bring my 70 degrees back?



  1. Wow! You guys got a LOT of snow! Our weatherman reported up to 21" in Tulsa, and I didn't think about how big the drifts would be! I'm thankful that we only got about 6" here... and thankful for no school! :)

  2. I feel ya, girl. I think I'm about three..four hours away from you so we too had that awesome 70 degree weather on Saturday. I wore a tank top and flip flops for pete's sake! Now we are iced in for the last two days. Blah blah blah.

  3. do you love fishing? girlfriend, so do i!! you are making me crave spring even more :)

  4. Yiiiiikes. I guess I'll just keep reminding myself how lucky I am.
    But lake food seems to be as tasty as snowing food. At least. :)

  5. It was officially 14" but we got another 4" yesterday. Sheesh.

    Danielle, I love to fish! I'm so ready for spring!!


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