Mar 9, 2012

These are some Good Times


If drinking water out of a hose grosses you out, don't scroll down.


Now that we have that out of the way, here are some refreshing photos from a recent afternoon of gardening.






It's moments like these, and so many others, that make me so appreciative of my life.

The ability to drink clean water out of a hose in our backyard. Something we often take for granted when so many people don't even have access to sanitary water in their homes.

Time enjoyed with each other outside as a family, planting seeds of what we will soon be eating. I'm so glad my husband knows how to garden and love watching him teach our Sweet P!

Times like this almost make me forget about the gazillion times I get told "No." throughout the day, the major drama when a certain little miss doesn't get her way and the lack of long, glorious naps she used to take.


But I guess it's the hard, messy times that make the fun times so much more enjoyable.


  1. sweet photos.
    i am in norman and our grass is so is so weird...this weather of ours!
    have a blessed weekend!

  2. what's wrong with drinking out of a hose??? Love the pics!


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