Apr 30, 2008

We be going to Jamaica, mon!

It's official. Flights are booked, rooms are reserved. We're ready to go. A few pics from where we will be going in 5 1/2 weeks!!!


  1. I'm so stinkin' jealous! My sons just walked up to me with marker all over their bellies...I need a vacation. Oh yea, I have a date with a 6 week old every 3 hours, guess my vacation won't be happening any time soon. Seriously, we are so excited for you guys. This is a long time coming for you! Don't you need a photographer to come document the trip for you?

  2. You guys are going to get the travel bug ya know!


  3. Ooooh, Les. I'm so excited for you guys. It looks beautiful. Will you be posting pictures of the vacay?


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