May 31, 2008

Mission24 = Initiative

I've mentioned before being a in the Mission24 group on Flickr and yesterdays mission was to capture "initiative." For those who aren't familiar with Mission24, each week you are emailed a word and you have 24hrs to capture your take on the word and submit your best two shots. Since I've joined the words have been: change, tip and initiative. I find this group really fun because I always try to come up with an image that nobody else in the group did. So when I read yesterday's mission, I just happened to have some supplies on hand that I thought would be a funny take on the word. So here were my submissions:

Duncan taking the initiative to catch a squirrel while Kota would rather wait for the squirrel to come down the tree.

Duncan taking the Initiative to catch Squirrels

Initiative: Assistance - Mission24 15/365

I called this one initiative assistance! Ha!

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  1. Denise Lopez posted a video that reminds me of you and Eric...go to her blog

    and scroll down


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