May 16, 2008

Time for Tusla's MAYFEST!

Yea! I love Mayfest! If you've never been, go this weekend.

Mayfest is an outdoor tribute to the arts and music that is a family-oriented event created to promote a broader knowledge of and appreciation for arts and humanities among serious, as well as casual art lovers and there's food. Here are some examples of the artwork:

Thursday, May 15th 11:00am- 11:00pm
Friday, May 16th 11:00am- 11:00pm
Saturday, May 17th 11:00am- 11:00pm
Sunday, May 18th 11:00am- 6:00pm

The heart of beautiful downtown Tulsa on Main Street between 3rd and 6th Streets, the Green at 3rd between Main and Boston, and 4th between Main and Boston. Click Here for a site map.

FREE! That's right, 120 artists, 3 stages of entertainment, an indoor Invitational Gallery, indoor Youth Art Gallery, and KidZone featuring family friendly entertainment and hands-on art projects all for free!

So get outside and check it out!

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