Jun 11, 2008

Another Jamaican Update!!

Wow times flies fast here! Ever since we stepped off the plane we have been in super relaxation mode. The most stressful decisions we make are:
  • where are we going to eat
  • should we lay out or be more active
  • did i put on enough sunscreen?
We made a short stop in Negril and decided to move back to Swept Away! We are having a blast here. I think I might be part Jamaican, our bus driver said I was Jamaicamerican. I can live with that! It's been awhile since a food update so instead of list EVERYTHING we've had since last post I decided to write about our crazy sailing adventure.

There are these awesome little Hobbie Cats that you can take out and sail around on. We took that to mean you can take them and sail wherever you want, so that's what we did. We went nuts. We bought some goggles and sailed out the farthest than we had seen any other boater go and dropped sail and checked out the reefs. Totally fun! We didn't anticipate how long it would take to get back and the sun was setting and the guys were about to close up shop so we had to book it back, Eric nearly threw me off in the process! But we made it back just in time, although we were the last ones in!

Tonight we're going to eat (big surprise) then we're going to a beach bonfire at 11pm. Gonna have a blast and can't wait to share video and pics!

Love you all

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  1. I'm so looking forward to the relaxation. When we went in Dec. 2006 to renew our vows at CSA, it was a bit busy but this next time, we'll totally take it easy.

    We are due to fly in on a Wed. morning so I look forward to the bonfire. We didn't get to do that last time.

    Great pictures of both of you. I have really enjoyed reading your blog.


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