Jun 8, 2008

Sunday in Jamaica

Well, another update! I am sitting here stuffed again. After a full day of eating yesterday, we decided to try to take it a little easier today by limiting ourselves with the food. That was all fine and dandy until about 4pm today. We woke up and had coffee delivered to our patio this morning, ate an awesome breakfast at The Palms, laid by the beach for a few hours, ate a snack consisting of: sweet potato chips, zucchini cakes with tomato sauce, snapper sandwich, and smoothies. We then took a two-man sail boat out and sailed out to the ocean. We napped as it rained for a couple of hours then got fancied up and headed to Feathers. A reservation inly restaurant, Feathers has been the best so far. I had the best piece of meat ever tonight and Eric loved everything!!! Here are some pics from the day and more here.

Eric on beach before dinner


Upside Down Flower

Another Sunset

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  1. Let's see today I ate cheerios, PB&J, teddy grahams, and grapes. I took a boat bath toy out to the pool and cleaned paint off my two year old who wanted to feed your son the salt dough dog bone he made.

    So glad you are having fun...you guys deserve it!


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