Jul 28, 2008

Oh No! Now What?

So, 73 days into Project365, I missed a day. What a bummer. Now what? Do I start over at one again or do I continue on and just leave that day out? I think I may just continue on, with the knowledge that I'm a failure. But, I think I will also continue on after the 365th day and go to day 438 so I will have actually had 365 consecutive days. I think. I sure hope I don't miss another day, that would get a little complicated. And, to make matters worse, I think I have poison ivy right now.

I will blame the Strawberry-Cream Cake I made Saturday for my missed day on Project365. This recipe was out of Martha Stewart's Everyday Food magazine and I highly recommend it. Even if you don't like cakes, the recipe for the cream it amazing! It tastes great and the added bit of gelatin really helps keep its form. So here's my take at it:
(not sure what's going on with the colors in this shot, but you get the idea.)

Strawberry-Cream Cake - 72/365

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