Jul 20, 2008

My Cat. The Killer.

So, Eric walked in the front door and told me there was something I needed to see. Pistol, our cat, was hunting a mouse. Now, I'm a little torn here. I don't want a mouse in my house, so I wanted Pistol to catch it so it wouldn't come running across my kitchen floor. However, I also don't want to see the cute little thing die! Mice really aren't that cute from a distance, or up close for that matter, but, when you're staring one in the face when you know he's about to die, he kind of looks like a little Disney creature that could talk to you. And if he could talk to me, he certainly would be asking me to save his life. Instead, Eric and I watched and caught the tragic event unfold in our neighbors backyard. Scroll down at your own risk! (By the way, Eric took most of these pictures. I started to take a couple and then the mouse ran at me. I screamed, handed Eric the camera and watched.)

The Hunt is On

Brave/Dumb Mouse

Sleeping Hunter

I'm Watching You

Almost Free

Maybe Cats & Mice Can Be Friends

Deadly Game of Cat & Mouse


  1. Gross me out. Yuck- O. But, on the other hand, way to go pistal.

  2. Sorry, forgot me password so put it under anonymous. Sandy

  3. UGH...that is so gross. However, I am glad that isn't in your house. My boys would love to watch Pistol in action... I do love that you got out the camera to document it all!


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