Oct 30, 2008

Living in Fear and a Prayer Request

The title pretty much sums it up. Ever since the camel cricket incident I have been living in fear in my own house. Just last night I went to pick up my shoes off the floor and a "camel cricket" caught my eye. I dropped the shoes and took a few steps back, this time watching the cricket to make sure I would see where it would jump. However, it didn't move. I got a little closer only to find that my camel cricket was a dust bunny. Whew. I can breathe again. But seriously folks, this is the way my life's been. Everything little and dark on the floor has become a camel cricket. So if anyone out there knows how to get rid of them - without having to smash them (cause I will not willingly get close to one to smash it), please let me know.

On a different note, and I probably should have started with this one first, but too late, Eric will be going into surgery tomorrow for his back. Please keep him and his doctors in your prayers.

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