Aug 24, 2011


I figured it's been so long since I've had a "normal" post that I should reintroduce myself!

Hello! Remember me? I used to write about stuff like my Sweet P, my husband and his fishing, a whole lot of food and randomness. No? That's ok, I understand!

Things have been crazy around here. I've been doing a lot of design work and have had bouts of not feeling so great. Combine the two and it doesn't leave much time for posting stuff here.

So to get back in the swing of things, here are some pictures of my P.

Big smiles.


Not sure.


What? I'm not supposed to stand on the chair?


Oh, and here's a recent flea market purchase...

My Next DIY Project

More to come on that project. But for now, Happy Wednesday friends.


  1. Hi Lesley! I'm Anna! I hope you're feeling better and that your work is going by fast and smooth!

  2. Hi Lesley!
    Nice to "meet" you! LoL!!!
    The important thing is that you are back, you have new photos and you buy a crazy thing (what is that? A table?) and I can´t wait to see what you are going to do with that!

    Kisses and blessings.

  3. PS: my last week was crazy busy too! That´s why I couldn´t post my "CrazyJoy carry picture" at time... but, I posted it on Thusday!

    If you have some time this week, I´ll be very glad to see that you stoped by at my blog and saw my "carry" pictures!

    Kisses and blessings.

  4. bouts of not feeling so great? so sorry friend. but i am kinda hoping that those bouts mean something. SOMETHINGSOMETHING. you can delete this comment if you want bahahaah.

  5. Hi, i'm Andy. Glad you are back, hope you are feeling better. pics are cute. p's faces are precious. love her chair. can't wait to hear what you are going to do with that thing. :)

  6. the picture of sweet P mad-dogging the camera while standing on the chair is hilarious.

  7. Danielle, I was thinking the same thing about the "SOMETHING"


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