Aug 25, 2011

It's Here!

My sister first told me about it. I have since looked on every Starbucks shelf I've entered with no luck of seeing it.

But then it happened. I was checking out and there it was, staring me right in the face!

Dream come true

Yeah, that says Iced Coffee Blend. I didn't get the pound of coffee (yet) and bought the little packets of VIA to try first.

Man, oh, man. I made one yesterday morning and it was great. It was only lacking the extra whip I like to add but it did the trick. Now I need to go back to the store and use my coupon for the pounder bag!


  1. Get Out!!!! So is this ground beans that are made especially for soaking to make iced coffee!!!???? Beyond excited!I like the VIA iced coffee packets too, but still prefer the concentrate made at home because it taste a little better and is cheaper :)

  2. No joke...I just started drinking those like last week! And I can't drink a whole bottle at a time so I split it up into two...sometimes three cups of iced coffee! So that's 10-12 cups of coffee for $5. Love it. Glad you finally found some iced coffee you like! lol :)

  3. I think I am droooooling right now!

  4. They have those at my Target's Starbucks. I snatched about 10 coupons to buy them...but still haven't made any! Now I need to!

  5. Coming out of my lurking spot, I have to ask about the coupon-- where did you find them? I have seen the grounds, but no coupon. That would make it so much more worthwhile!!

  6. I follow your sisters' blog and often check yours too. I actually keep thinking that I need to tell you about a new iced coffee recipe because I had seen your post a while back about looking for the perfect recipe. I found the BEST one on Pinterest recently...
    I have been making iced coffee with a cold brew system for years and thought it was good, but this is REALLY good. I actually do just a half can of sweetened condensed milk per 10ish cups of coffee to cut down on calories. It is SOO yummy!!


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