Oct 20, 2011


Did you know Oktoberfest is this weekend in Tulsa!? We'll probably make it out to the festival sometime Friday - when it's FREE to get in!

Why Oktoberfest? Well, other than the fact that it's another fun outdoor festival with food, music and entertainment, one side of the husband's family just happens to be of German ancestry so we always feel the need to celebrate his roots with brats, pretzels, a little chicken dancing, strudels and all things Oktoberfest.

Instead of spending a lot of money at the festival, we're going to be having a little German feast of our own at home over the weekend. I have done some research and found several recipes to try out and I'll let you know how they tasted next week. But, if you're looking to get in the spirit of Oktoberfest, here are some recipes from my pinterest boards:

(that's German for Cheers!)

Here's the website for more info on Tulsa's Oktoberfest: TulsaOktoberfest.org


  1. Is it really free to get in on Friday? I have been teaching my 20 month old the Chicken Dance for the last few months!! We are ready.

  2. It is so funny, that Americans do the chicken dance :)! I think I did it last time on a childrens birthday party back in the 80es... I forgot about it, 'til I heard, that it is celebrated in the US on german festivals. I think nobody does it here anymore :)! Were does your husbands family come from in Germany?!

  3. Hey Alice, it's not free all day Friday. Just a certain time. I think until 4pm but double-check the website to be sure.


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