Nov 21, 2011

crazyjoy = edge (revealed)

Well, if you live in Oklahoma or keep up with college football at all, you know there was quite the disaster for Oklahoma football this weekend. Both OSU and OU lost. The silver lining, TU won and there's still hope that OSU can still bring home a conference title!

The OSU game was a nail-biter. It came down to double overtime and while I thought about taking a picture of me and the husband on the edges of our seats, I decided not to give you a picture of our bums to start off your week. Your welcome.

Instead, here's my entry for the crazyjoy challenge word, EDGE:

crazyjoy = edge

Sweet P's kitty was hanging on the edge of her dollhouse. You never know what you'll find in that dollhouse!

Ok, I need my coffee and I'm sure you do. But first, check out Anna's photo:


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