Jan 6, 2012

Hand Drawn Lego Star Wars Alphabet Poster

One of the fun things about working in design is doing random projects for the fun of it. This is one of those projects.

If you know much about my nephews, you are well aware of their obsession with Star Wars. They know the movies, the characters, the games, the books and I think they own nearly every single Lego Star Wars set that's been made.

I thought it would be fun to make them an alphabet poster of the characters for Christmas. I took on the challenge of finding and drawing 26 different characters for the poster. You'd be surprised how many sources there are on the internet full of Star Wars info for such a project as this.

I started off with a basic google search for "alphabetical list of Star Wars characters." Then I wrote out a list to make sure I had a character for each letter. Once I had my list ready, I did an google image search for each name, made a contact sheet to use as a reference, then sketched out some dimensions so each would be proportionate.

Beginning the Lego Star Wars Poster

Then it was time to sketch. Each little character was hand drawn with pencil then I inked the lines in with my Sharpie.

Hand Drawn Lego Star Wars Characters

Once I had all the line art ready, I took a photo of each character (because I don't have a scanner) and then added the color to each in photoshop.

Lego Star Wars Art for Alphabet Poster

I should correct myself here, I only did 25 characters. I asked my sister to get a picture of the boys doing some sort of Star Wars light saber battle scene to use for the "F" for the FORCE. The photo was perfect!

Now that I had 26 graphics for each letter of the alphabet, I downloaded a Lego font and added the letter to each character. I also included the character's name inside the letter, just in case the boys needed it. Ha! Right.

So there's the finished poster - sorry about the large, ugly watermark!

Lego Star Wars Alphabet Poster

I gave it to them for Christmas and was not surprised when they told me nearly every single name in a matter of seconds. The boys know their stuff.

Check out the Halloween costumes my sister made them last year - here. They're awesome!


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  2. Awesome job Lesley! You have AMAZING talent! I am the mother of a 6yr old Star Wars addict who saw this poster and as well named them all immediately. Have a great day!

  3. What a perfect present! I take pictures of my drawings too. Scanners are overrated :)

  4. They've been begging me to start working on their room so they can hang the poster...after the stairs boys, after the stairs.

    Thank you...it is huge and awesome!

  5. Wowsers, Dude. Awesome, awesome, awesome!

  6. I'm not into the Star Wars thing, but, after seeing this, I could be. Great job, way too cool!!!!

  7. If you sold this, I would totally buy it for my Star Wars crazed boys too!

  8. Proud (or embarrassed) to say I can name them all...then again having four boys seems to wire your brain for this sort of useless information!

    That is an awesome poster...what a creative and thoughtful gift Kim

  9. What a cute idea! I love, love it.....You are super talented, Lesley! Andrew would love one of those :)

  10. That's great! I laughed when I saw Princess Leia. I wonder why Ashley didn't wear a gold bikini on Halloween?? :)

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  12. Lesley, did you ever decide if you were going to sell this? PS: congrats on the new beautiful baby!

    (I deleted the one above because of my embarrasing spelling error, lol)

    1. I would love to but I don't know if I can, legally. Not sure of copyright laws. If you know anyone who would know the answer, let me know!

  13. If you find out if you can sell it, (or ???) I'd buy a copy for my Star Wars crazed preschoolers, too!

  14. I just re-emailed you! :) I did in June, also! Maybe check your spam folder?
    Thank you!

  15. Hi, I just found your blog. My son would love this for his room. Do you sell it?

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