Jan 19, 2012


I mentioned a little while back that I was going to do a new photo challenge with instagram and my phone. I started out just planning on taking a picture a day for an entire year.

Once I got started, I noticed other people doing something similar but there was a common theme. As far as I know, this lady, Chantelle, created the graphic that tons of instagrammers are using to inspire their year-long photo challenge.

I started using her prompts and have really liked it.

Day 15 was happiness.

Here's a couple of pictures I took that almost made it:

First, a personal favorite. My husband doing the dishes = happiness.


Then there's the dinner he made. Baked fish, cheesy potatoes and cole slaw. Mmm. Good food and not having to cook it = happines.


Did I mention I wasn't feeling well this day? No? Oh, well that explains how I managed to get him to cook and do the dishes in one night!

Then there was my Sweet P and her chalk. I was happy it was warm enough to be outside to a little bit and she was happy to have her chalk. The kid and sidewalk chalk = happiness.


I finally decided on this one. I love that big ol-gap-toothy-smile. It makes me happy. That girl makes me happy.


I hope your day is filled with happiness!!


  1. What a sweet post. Love the effects you added to the last pic and the cropping. It looks really nice.

  2. Love the idea!
    But... I was so envolved with CrazyJoy! Where are the words for our week photo challenge???? Girls, I miss you! I miss CrazyJoy! Please, be back! LoL

    Kisses and blessings.

    PS: I looooooveeeed your post about being a "pinaholic"! Hilarious!

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