Feb 17, 2012

Insta Friday

I have no idea who hosts Insta Friday link ups but I had some Instagram pics I wanted to share so I figured today is as good a day as any!


LEFT: I have been drooling over all these baked donut recipes I've been seeing in blog-insta-pinterest-land so I about wet my pants when I saw these donut pans at Target for 50% off! If you have an insanely awesome recipe for baked donuts - send it my way.

RIGHT: Did you know Oreo turns 100 this year? I didn't until I saw the Birthday Oreos at the grocery store the other day and now we are all celebrating. The cream filling tastes like cake batter and has sprinkles! Such fun, although I still prefect the plain ol' double stuffed one.


LEFT: That was my breakfast one day last week: coffee and chocolate sheet cake, The Pioneer Woman's chocolate sheet cake, to be exact. Great breakfast and super easy, fast and delicious recipe.

RIGHT: Sweet P enjoying her Mexican food. Mmm.


LEFT: Peek
RIGHT: a-Boo


LEFT: Making memories and bringing joy to one of her great-grandmas.
RIGHT: Just a little morning reading on the floor.


LEFT: Aha, someone found out how to make the shutter click.
RIGHT: And it may be the greatest thing EVER!

Oh the fun of instagram!


  1. Where is Miss Sweet P enjoying her Mexican food? It looks like Ricardos...

  2. I have no idea who hosts them either but I post mine on Fridays too. WE should start hosting them just cause we can. hehe! :) That last one of Sweet P is the best thing ever!

  3. You caught Sweet P at the perfect moment in that last one. Can't wait to hear about your baked doughnuts. I tried making them once (without a special pan) and the hubby was not a fan. Curious how your "experiment" turns out.

  4. I don't normally like Oreos but I think I may need to try the birthday version! Those sound good!

    (Jeanette at Life Rearranged hosts the InstaFriday link up :))

  5. Holy awesome lighting in the peek a boo pictures! Not gonna lie, overly jealous. ♥ Either it was perfect time of day or your house is amazing.

  6. I love the peek-a-boo pictures. The light and colour is awesome!
    But...(something must have went wrong in my life I'm sure) but I never heard of baked donuts before?!
    I hope you post it when you're making them :)

  7. I had to run out to Target and get a pan too :) Let me know how it goes, I've never heard of them until now. Sweet P is a darling!!!!!

  8. Stephanie, did you see Kelly's comment? Looks like we have a place to link up with our Friday instagrams! Thanks for letting me know about it, Kelly!!

  9. Brooke - thanks for the compliment! It was just a magical time of day in the perfect place. The lighting in my house is terrible do I'm very thankful to get good shots when I can.


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