Aug 24, 2012

Another InstaFriday

This is where I dump some of my phone pictures. If you follow me on instagram (@recipeforcrazy) you've seen most of these over the week. But, for those that don't, these are all new for you!


sweet baby girl in a swimsuit

cousins dancing (not sure where my daughter gets her moves but the girl is groovin)

sketches for a print I'm working on for my friend Anna - it's really for her boy

breakfast donut date since we were out of milk

walking off our donuts and finding fun buildings

the kid loves her some "steps" - seriously entertained her for over 15 minutes and now I need some stairs in our house

fun new cards in a cute little box

his & hers Sunday coffee

#mugswap goodies arrived from the super Hannah! More on the mug swap next week but head over to Hannah's shop and get some cute earrings.


little sister snackin on her toes - I don't blame her, they are quite snackable

pretty morning and big slides

lunch from a food truck - at Lola's Gypsy Caravan

afternoon walk being followed by our cat

out shopping with nana and Sweet P posing

entertained by pizza dough while we wait on lunch (by the way, Andolini's, best idea ever!)

cuddle time at the pizza place - don't worry, no children were harmed

time to make more restaurant-style white queso and use my new anthro measuring spoons (thanks mom!)

sippin on gin and juice - not really, it's an Arnold Palmer (or Paul Newman if you're my mom)

and that wraps up this past week!

Have a fantastic weekend.


  1. your girls are so cute! I've seen those adorable spoons before, I'm afraid they wouldn't last too long with me. I'm prone to dropping things! That slide shot is one of my favs!

  2. I've been dying to try Lola's; was it good? I have a five-year-old named Lola, so she and I both feel we must visit it soon :)

  3. I love Lola's! The adobo chicken sandwich is awesome and the tacos are great too.

  4. Your girls are so charming and adorable. Its very happy to see them growing up . you have created a marvelous collage. Girls will appreciate you in their ages. :)


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