Aug 8, 2012

Sweet P's Purple, Princess, Hot Dog Party

Sweet P's birthday was last week and the actual day of her party was celebrated with a donut breakfast, a lunch date with just her and her daddy and a mini-party with just our family.


Birthday donut breakfast parties are kind of a tradition around here. We met her great-grapnparents and family super early, ate donuts, lit a candle which created a slight bit of panic for sweet P, sang and went on our way.

While the girls napped, I finished the cake. It was two shades of purple on the inside with buttercream icing and pink and purple sugar crystals on the outside. I tried covering up my imperfect layering with a textured outside - I think it worked.

Purple Princess birthday cake

We attempted to light some candles for round two of the birthday song and this time little P broke into major tears and sobbing. I'm not sure where it came from but I think it had something to do with her not liking the sparklers we did on the 4th of July.




She opened her very own princess doll and other little goodies and that ended day one of her birthday celebration.


The following week we had a small family party at my parent's house. No major theme, just a lot of pink and purple.

I hung some balloons from the ceiling, made little markers for dinner and that's pretty much all the decorating that went into this little party.


There was a state-wide burn ban so instead of burgers, we did a little gourmet hot dog buffet. We love hot dogs around here, if you didn't know, so I set out all the ingredients and little menus for some of our favorites:

Tulsa Dog


Seattle and New York Dogs


Basic Chili Dog


and the Chicago Dog


I'm pretty sure the dogs were a hit because I've never seen so many dogs eaten in my life!

And wouldn't you know, I only got one picture of a hot dog creation?! FAIL.

This was my brother-in-law's. I think he called it the supreme dog - it had every single topping available on it. Massive dog.


A few more presents were opened, including a big hit, Hello Kitty band-aids that had to be applied in the middle of present opening by sister-cousin.


And more cake was eaten. This cake was made by my mom.

castle cake

A princess castle cake. How amazing is that?!

There was also homemade peach ice cream, made by my dad, served in homemade praline cups. And no, I did not get a picture of those either. FAIL AGAIN. Take my word for it, it was amazing.

And finally, we headed outside for the last present from her grandpa. A Barbie Jeep.

Sister-cousin was so excited to show it to her, or, maybe she was excited to ride with her. Either way, the joy on these two girl's faces was priceless.

Notice Firecracker has the pedal floored.


Like I said yesterday, Thelma and Louise. Here comes trouble.

And if those girls ever get in a bind in the future, like Firecracker's mom getting stuck in a cemetery in the middle of the night, ahem, thankfully they have some boys around to rescue them.



What. a. blessing.

Seriously. I'm so thankful for family living close so we can celebrate these special times together. You guys made my girl feel so celebrated.

Thank you all and we love you.


  1. I might have to steal your hot dog party idea for my son. Perfect! And those pics are hilarious of them riding the jeep around. And getting stuck in a cemetary?! Sounds like something I did back in the day. :)

    1. It was so awesome! I ate way too much and it was wonderful.

  2. Omgsh. This is so my kind of party. Hot dogs. Barbie Jeeps. THAT CAKE.

    My birthday is in 20 days. I'm cordially inviting you to throw me that exact party. :)

    1. Thanks! And here's a pre-happy birthday wish for you!

  3. I say it all the time, but your family is so talented!! You guys ooze talent!!

    Her parties looked like a hit. I only like my hot dog grilled and I am not sure how I would feel about a pickle on a hot dog. But I am a firm believer in trying something before saying you don't like it. LOL!

    1. Alice, you are too sweet.

      I was weary of the pickle on a hot dog and even more worried about cream cheese and bbq sauce but the combos came together perfectly! Try it, you must. (that sounded a little yoda-ish)

  4. Such a cute birthday! P.s. that Git n Go cup is quite an antique! I LOVE it!
    Happy Birthday Sweet P!

    1. Thanks! That Git n Go cup is a well used antique!

  5. I'm a new reader! I don't know how I haven't been following you...I've read your sister's blog for years!

    Looks like a great birthday celebration! I LOVE the jeep! So fun!

  6. Happy birthday to sweet P!
    The look on her face in the side-by-side pics of them cruising is just priceless. Love it!

  7. Those are hilarious. I wish Sweet P was older because I am very, very afraid of the day my daughter gets a driver's license. I will totally support you if you refuse to let Sweet P be a passenger :)

    Of all the amazing hot dog creations there were, it is a bummer you only got a picture of Chris' heartache dog :)

    love you.

    1. Yes, your daughter turning 16 before P does is a little troubling. Let's pray she's a good influence ;)

      I know about the hot dog pictures. We'll have to do it again so I can redeem myself.

      love you too :)

  8. my word, what a perfect celebration for your darling girl! your cake work is amaze. and i almost want to like hot dogs from seeing yours :)

    and of course, LOVE the jeep. she's fancy now!! xo

  9. The cake you made is so pretty! My husband wants to get our girl a jeep next year too... Just like daddy's!

    1. Thanks, Candace! Yay for little girls and trucks :)

  10. What sweet celebrations! The photos of Sweet P and Firecracker in the mini jeep are adorable :) Happy birthday to her!

  11. I love the seer joy on her face as she drives the Jeep. Such happiness!


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