Feb 5, 2013

Shop Talk

I've been adding some new things to the shop lately so if you haven't been over in a while, here's what you're missing:

New postcards:

Howdy Y'all, Greetings from Oklahoma - Postcard

I'm an Okie and Proud - Postcard

Chalk art prints:

when she wakes she will move mountains - 8x10 Chalk Art Print

Another dream is Born - 8x10 Chalk Art Print

Use what talents you possess - 8x10 Chalk Art Print

More prints:

howdy y'all - 8x10 print

Write it on your heart - 8x10 Print

Land of the Free, Home of the Brave - 8x10 print

And, new things are coming soon!! I can't wait to share what's in the works but be patient with me, in time!!

Oh, and I did a little sale for my instagram followers on Monday and it just wouldn't be fair to not offer you guys a deal!

So this week you get 25% OFF your entire order when you use the code: MONDAYFUNDAY. I know it's not Monday but let's pretend. Okay? Coupon is good until Friday night.

Oh! And I'm sponsoring Meg's Craft Weekend this weekend! Woohoo!


  1. The dream one is my favorite.
    Beautifully created, Lesley.
    I love it.

  2. I already placed my order and said this on instagram- but I love the new prints. Chalk art yes! They are all so happy and uplifting, I had trouble deciding.

  3. Oh man! I wish you did this next week when I get paid! I'd love to get a print for Ripsi's room! I'll just have to pay full price. ;)

  4. Oh Leslie! These are beautiful! Love all of them!

  5. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE that last print ~ that would look awesome in my "bigger" boys room!!


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