Feb 24, 2013

The Dream


That picture was taken on January 7 and was the first glimpse I shared into our dream on instagram of all places!

Most of you remember this post where I shared about my word for the year. It was that first picture and that place where we stood that night that made me want to dream.

Here's a little history before I jump into the good stuff.

When I was in high school I wanted to live in the middle of the city - just minutes from anything and everything. Shopping, dining, concerts, etc. After the husband and I moved back to our hometown after college, we found the perfect little house smack dab in the heart of midtown.

It was perfect. Well not PERFECT. But exactly what I had pictured in my head. We also bought the house before we had kids with the intention of moving out of town after we did the city thing for a few years.

Well, time does what is does best and passed. We have been through some amazing times in the house and area and now, nearly six years and two kids later, we're moving out.

I know what you're thinking. "Whoop-di-doo. That's not super exciting news."

Well, no, it's not really. But it's about to get good.

While moving out of the middle of the city has always been a goal - it hasn't been the Dream.

When the husband and I talk about what we want out of life we always come back to a simpler life with room to run.


We always imagined we would move to a house out of town, maybe with an acre or so, raise our kids there, send them off to college, then and only then, be able to move to a dream-place with wide-open spaces and land - in like 20+ years.

Turns out our dream was a whole lot closer than we could have ever dreamed.


Over the course of several months, the husband spent hours every night scouring the internet for our next home. We found some possibilities and even thought we had found a pretty good option. God closed that door and we didn't get down, we just kept looking - praying and asking for the perfect spot.

God is good, y'all.


A few months later and a gazillion searching hours later, the husband found THE PLACE.

It wasn't anything like what we had been looking for.

Goodness, this place didn't even have a house on it! Ha.

Just 12 acres of woods and a couple ponds! Our little piece of earth to build and raise our family.


So we went to look at the land and just felt a calmness that this would be our place. We prayed and prayed about it and surrendered it to God. We asked for guidance and over the next week or so, we visited it a few more times and eventually put an offer in to buy it.

That's when this picture happened.


Ha. I'm a dork, I know. That's the day we got the call our offer was accepted!!

All we had to do was wait on inspections and closing and then it would be our's.


This past Friday, that 12 acre spot of awesomeness became our very own little place in this world!


And that, my friends, is our big dream.

To have a piece of land to raise our girls on, grow food and bless others through it all and honestly, y'all, it's more than we deserve or could have ever asked for.

There's so much more to this story and I hope to share it one day but this post is long enough and I just wanted to share our big news today.


Thank you to everyone that has encouraged us and shared in our joy. It means so much. Now all we have to do is build a house and sell this one! #nbd

Happy Monday! Oh, and to add to the celebration, head over to Meg's Craft Weekend sponsor post today get a discount code for my shop!


  1. That is super exciting. Praises to God for helping you all to achieve your dreams. We have our plans but he orders our steps. He is so amazing! Congrats on the new piece of land


  2. What EXCITING and fantastic news for your family!!! I love seeing how the Lord is at work in other families :) So happy for you:)

  3. praise jesus, girl. love this testimony of faithfulness and hope. SO excited to see this story unfolded for y'all. woohoo!

    love you xo

  4. what exciting news!!! What an amazing DREAM to have come true. God's blessings to those who wait and ask for his guidance. Can't wait to see everything come together. Many prayers for your next journey!!

  5. So cool! I know I'm thinking well beyond the scope of this post, but I can't wait to see how fantastic your decorating is. Congratulations!

  6. This is awesome! I am so happy for you! I can speak from experience that my greatest childhood memories were surrounded by ponds, rivers and the quiet of the country.

  7. i love it when dreams become a reality. congratulations.

  8. Holy cow!! Sooo thrilled for y'all! Can't wait to see it all take shape. God is soo good!!

  9. Awesome!!!! So exciting! A huge congrats to you guys!!!
    What a beautiful piece of land. Can't wait to see the home you build!!!

  10. Congrats!! This will be so much fun to see the progress. When you get to building the house, pick one spot/location to take timeline photos.

    Have fun picking out choices!! YAY!! :)

  11. So so excited for you guys!!! Can't wait to see your progress! Your land looks beautiful:) What part of town is it?

  12. yessssss!!!!!!
    He is so darn good at giving us the desires of our hearts and then fulfilling them!
    how super exciting! :)

  13. So excited for you! We live on 9 acres in the country, and it is such a gift from God! Praying a smooth, quick transition for you!

  14. congrats!! what an exciting dream...and i would agree, being out in the country really is the best place to be

  15. Congrats to you, your family, and your dreamy home! It will be lovely to grow as a family with the land!

  16. Congrats to you guys! God is so good!

  17. So excited for you!!! We close on Thursday on our 5 acre farm/farmhouse! I'm so excited! Will definatly be following your gardening tips on your blog!!!!! Love it!!

  18. Wow! How wonderful! Congratulations! What a happy thing!

  19. Congratulations!!!! As a recent first time home buyer myself I really share in your joy...we bought a serious fixer-upper and 9 months later were still working hard to be able to move in. yesterday we got to pick out a new toilet, tile, and a sink for the bathroom. It really is the little things that mean the most!! Congrats to you and your family!!

  20. I am soooo happy for you! That is fantastic! God is so good!

  21. I totally cried...
    I am SOOOO happy for you and your sweet family!! It looks magical and an absolute dream land for two little ladies to have lots of tree climbing adventures and fort building...let the fun begin! Can't wait to hear all the details. :)

  22. So exciting!!! Happy for all of you!

  23. Congratulations!!! I have lots of ideas in my head of what you might be planning to do on that land. :) And I'm sure it's no accident that the sign says Dream World Homes. :)

  24. GREAT NEWS!!!! So happy for you 4! God bless!
    Now you´ll have plent of space for your girls + 5 coisins run into! Ashley must have loooooved the place!

    Kisses and blessings.
    (www.diariodos3mosqueteiros.blogspot.com) from Brazil

  25. Congrats, girl! As Jenny mentioned... I love the double-witness/ confirmation with your word "dream" and dream world homes! I love how God works! We're still waiting for our little slice on earth so I can imagine your excitement!!!

  26. love, Love, LOVE the image of the two little girls walking down the path!
    My favorite images to paint are the ones that tell a story, and I love the story that this one tells.


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