Jul 2, 2013


possible titles included: 80+ pictures, the summer of the poached egg or I haven't posted anything for over a month and here's a long, photo-intense update so sorry if this page never loads.

watched tomatoes being enjoyed like they were candy (not homegrown, yet)

tomato loving gal


purchased new books

new books


tried new recipes from said books (flatbread from fresh & easy)

homemade flatbread


visited our land

our land 2013


planted some blackberries out by the pond

planting blackberries at the land


went to our college hometown for a wedding (got margs, obviously)



ate cheese fries (because you can't NOT get the if you're at Joe's)

eskimo joes cheese fries


bought this bad boy at the flea market

flea market find


took pictures on it



enjoyed picnics outside



paid someone to do this to the bathroom

bathroom (during)


watched cousins play

made air

made pomeritas with my mom



celebrated cinco de mayo with my favorites

cinco de mayo


ate homegrown salads

grape, goat cheese and homegrown greens


watched the girls pick and eat strawberries from the garden



played with different recipes using garden greens, like arugula

goat cheese, arugula and razbanero


picked more strawberries

strawberries 2013


got messy and sticky with the girls at Mod's

gelatto date

saw one of my prints in the front window at Made, downtown

recipeforcrazy at Made


harvested spinach from the garden

garden harvest


made a strata with the spinach

making stratta


smiled when the bathroom ended up looking like this

bathroom (after)


picked more food from the garden

garden 2013


ate a heart-shaped poached egg over sauteed spinach and chard on an english muffin

heart poached egg


picked more strawberries and continued taking pictures of them


played peek-a-boo


ate a really tall burger at Lucky's

lucky's burger and fries


watched this one brave the "big-girl" swing



watched her fight for a corn dog and win


saw art cars

art cars


got a new book (get this book. you will thank me.)

new book and recipes to make


visited our land neighbors

dinner with neighbors


#fridaydonutdate still in jammies edition

#fridaydonutdate (sprinkles)

saw a giant catfish my husband noodled

noodled catfish 2013


made biscones (recipe from "the back in the day bakery" cookbook) and became instant friends with them



danced in the rain

dancing in the rain


had a saturday crepe date at Topeca

saturday date with little sister


listened to giggles


grilled okra

grilled okra


saw my print in prairie hive magazine

recipeforcrazy in prarie hive magazine


added a new print to the shop

stars and stripes print


washed mud out of her mouth, again

blue eyes


found out how good radish pods are in salads

radish pods on salad


finished day 15 of Jillian's shred

day 15


watched her independence grow



visited an friend - a friend can be a mexican restaurant, right?

marg time

#fridaydonutdate the day the chicken snatched a bite edition

#fridaydonutdate (chhicken theif)

watched them fish

fishing with daddy

enjoyed summer a little more


shopped with crazies


worked on a custom birthday invitation



heard more giggles

summer splashes


saw a "wondermelon" at target



bought a molcajete and made roasted salsa

molcajete roasted salsa


then guacamole

molcajete guacamole


watched her beat her fear of the slide

first slide


picked the last cup of strawberries for the season

last full cup of the season


watched their love for each other grow

a pair of wondermelons

picked our first blackberry from our land

first blackberry from the land



picnic in pink

waited in an insane line for a sandwich from a food truck (Lone Wolf)

lone wolf bahn mi


found a new love in kimchi fries

lone wolf bahn mi with kimchi fries


watched her love of water grow

water dancing


#fridaydonutdate starbucks edition

#fridaydonutdate (starbucks)


had tea parties in stores

tea party for two


took big sister to her first theater movie

sweet p's first movie


took big sister to her first theater movie

sister's first movie


had a shrimp boil

saturday shrimp boil


designed my first font

smores font


poached an egg over an avocado on toast for the first (not the last)

poached egg and avocado

poached an egg over an avocado again (see, I told you it wasn't the last)

poached egg


watched memories being made

evening water


baked with my girl

little baker

ate the baked goods (amazing cookie recipe from the "back in the day bakery" cookbook)

cookies and milk


finished Jillian's shred

30 day shredded


poached an egg over leftovers - roasted potatoes, asparagus, onions and quinoa

poached egg and asparagus


enjoyed nap times



#fridaydonutdate pigtail edition

#fridaydonutdate (piggies)


poached an egg over leftover roasted squash and zuchinni 

poached egg and squash


spatchcocked a chicken



celebrated family

summer in a bowl


got a little patriotic with these cookies

4th of july iced thumbprint cookies

so there you have it. the update of all updates. and that my friends, is why I haven't posted in over a month! i hope you're enjoying your summer!!

Have a safe and happy 4th!!!


  1. ok i wrote a comment. and then deleted it. lame.

    BUT i loooooooove just how much life you have in your pictures. how you guys make the most out of everything, the little stuff and the big stuff. :)

    i also love your affinity for margaritas.
    and fresh delicious food.
    oh the food...

  2. Yes, Mexican restaurants are friends. True story.
    I'm so happy for you that your prints are in windows and magazines! Happy dance!
    Missed you. So glad to see all the pretty pics.

  3. Great post Leslie. You get such great photos of your girls.. Wish I could get some cooperation from my boys, haha.

  4. You've been missed. Glad I follow you on insta. Please explain this spatchcocking thing...lol. Sounds interesting and looks delish! I would love to be the recipient of your homemade salads!!

  5. This post is making me hungry! ;) I have never had grilled okra. I love okra... fried, pickled... I'll even eat it boiled. How did I not know you could grill it??

    I once took a drive to Stillwater with some friends in college just to eat at Joe's for dinner. We were crazy. I think we got there in
    under two hours (it usually takes three from Fayetteville). I'm very surprised we didn't get pulled over (or killed!), and I'm fairly certain my roommate's car speakers never worked quite right after that trip (they couldn't compete with four people singing at the top of their lungs). Ha (don't try this at home, kids). Anyway... all that to say... I agree about the cheese fries. :)

    Love seeing all those strawberries and donut dates! Fun family times. Oh, and every time you write, "our land," a song pops in my head... "This land is your land, this land is my land..." :) Haha.

  6. A lot of life and fun times in this post! I am a little envious about your land :) It looks beautiful!

  7. Okay -- I cannot get over the catfish! My son loves to fish and I swear we do it everyday between our pond, camping at the river, and boating. We went out on Lake Erie two days ago and had a blast. But that catfish is monsterous! Been missing your post, thanks for the update!

  8. I'm not sure how I missed that you did the Shred! CONGRATS! It's tough work-- but it pays off. By far one of my favorite work-out DVDs. I ended up staying on Level 3 for about 3 weeks at the end and just upped my weights each week (2lbs, then 5lbs, 8lbs). It's been about 2 months since i finished and I'm noticing a little more fluff on my belly-- time to start again :)

  9. EVERYTHING is amazing.
    beautiful life.

    you have the cutest smile.
    hooray for margs and pretty bathroom redos.
    adorable little ladies and amazing font.
    that back in the day bakery book and fresh and easy are on my wishlist!

    love ya! happy summer! xo

  10. Dang girl! Well done on the Shred! Level 2 & 3 are TOUGH! I guess you gotta work off all the margs & chips/salsa. ;) Your summer looks like it's been amazing!

    Rena - www.thegirlwiththesmile.com


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