Jul 23, 2013

shop talk - custom designs

Hello strangers!  I hope you guys are having a great summer!

Along with all the fun things we've been up to, I've also been hard at work on some custom orders.

Here's a little of what I've worked on over the summer.

invitation design by recipeforcrazy

The cutest one-year old I know needed a super cute party design. I had so much fun with this that I ended up making a font out of some of the doodles.

book cover design by recipeforcrazy

My friend is an amazing woman and she's a published author. Get her book here!!! But don't use a lot of exclamations if you send her a thank you note. She's one of those grammatically-correct people and has pet peeves about such things. Amy, do you cringe every time I get carried away with enthusiastic posts?! I love me so exclamation marks!! Ha. Love you friend.

Back to topic,

snap shop logo design by recipeforcrazy

My sister added an iphone course to her Snap Shops! I have taken both now and think you should too. Go here for more info.

And last up for today, this package.

blog design by recipeforcrazy

It was so much fun. Maybe because I like antlers. Maybe because I like pink. Maybe because I like working with awesome people. Whatever the reason, I love how it all turned out.

And while we're talking shop talk, I hit 950+ sales in my shop!!! (if ever there was something that deserved multiple !!!, it is that.)

I've been setting aside some treats for big 1,000 and I'll probably have to have a party to celebrate or maybe a marg.

Definitely a marg.

Anyway, thank you friends for your support of my shop and for letting me do what I love to do. I love you.


  1. You're so kind. And such a punk :)

    Great example of the importance of punctuation:

    "Let's eat, Grandma." or "Let's eat Grandma."

    Or in your case, "Let's eat Grandma!!!"

    Poor Grandma.

  2. Love! :) Congrats on your hardwork paying off!

  3. I am always looking for invitations!! How much do you charge?

  4. awesome about your shop and all of your designing. it is all great. I love my print that I ordered from your shop. the fierce one. it is perfection for summing up my girl and looks great in her room

  5. Blog design too!??!?!?

    Hope today wasn't too horrible recovering from the storm.

  6. Girl, you have been supa-dupa busy! And you are so supa-dupa talented! Way to go and congrats on all your success:) ~Melissa

  7. Most definitely a marg. Because girl, you are good. Cheers to you!!!


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